The Beauty of Outdoor Living

Outdoor living seems to be something we all aspire to, many of us love to be outdoors, as well as to entertain guest outdoors, and, as South Africans, no one in the world can host a better braai than us. Many of us love to entertain friends and family in our outdoor areas such as patios, verandas and lapas. Having our entertainment areas comfortable, accessible and well protected from the weather extremes is very important. There’s nothing better than to kick back, relax and enjoy the night air at the end of a busy day with your favourite drink in hand. The best way to ensure that your outdoor areas and furniture are well protected from all weather extremes in to install the best outdoor blinds for your needs.

1. Why Choose Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds create the perfect atmosphere on your patio, veranda or in your lapa. The sheer ease with which you can let the blind up or down, depending on what the weather is doing on a particular day, is effortless. On cold, windy nights, your outdoor blind will keep your outdoor area a few degrees warmer, and if you just add an outdoor gas heater you will be toasty and warm no matter what the weather is doing outside. If the rain happens to damper your perfectly planned braai, just let your outdoor blinds down, and you and your guests will keep dry and you can still have a great time. Outdoor blinds are the perfect way to ensure that your outdoor area, outdoor furniture and guests are well protected from any weather extremity you may experience.

2. Types of Outdoor Blinds

There are various types of outdoor blinds that will suit your individual needs and the aesthetics you would like to create for your entertainment area. Outdoor blinds range from PVC blinds to Shearweave blinds, and many others. They all offer different forms of protection, depending on what atmosphere you are trying to create and if you are trying to protect your furniture from the rain, sun and dust. PVC blinds are excellent for keeping out the wind and rain, with the benefit of having a see through PVC window so that you can still look out over your garden without being affected by the weather. The Bamboo Laguna Exterior blinds are fantastic at protecting your furniture from the harsh African sun and will keep your outdoor area cool on hot days with the benefit of still being able to see through onto your garden or view. The beautiful Shearweave blinds are made from fabric imported from Australia and this blind offers great aesthetics, as well as protection from the sun and wind. These amazing blinds are fire and algae retardant while being translucent. Canvas blinds are excellent or keeping out the weather extremities and ensuring your outdoor area is well protected.

3. Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

The benefits of these different blinds cannot be stressed and detailed more. By installing outdoor blinds, you are able to create another comfortable, cosy area in your home that is outside but still well protected, enabling you to enjoy the full benefit of your home without being hindered by the weather. Outdoor blinds can be customised to your unique needs with various contemporary and traditional styles available, you are sure to find a blind to suit your needs and pocket. Outdoor blinds are functional and cost effective, and will add value to your home as well as your time with family and friends.

4. Why Choose Viz Blinds?

Viz Blinds is not just a company, but they will come alongside you to help you create the atmosphere you are wanting, by listening to what you are wanting and offering the best advice possible to suit your needs. Viz Blinds have a very high standard and an incredible work ethic, ensuring you get great quality at an excellent rate. Viz Blinds understands that the proper installation of outdoor blinds, as well as interior blinds, is crucial, and they are there to make certain that your blinds are fitted and installed with absolute care and excellence.

Whether you are considering to invest in your entainment area, or if you are wanting to create an outdoor area that is safe from the weather, and where your carefully bought outdoor furniture is protected, outdoor blinds are a worthwhile investment into your home, as well as adding value to your time with your special ones. Enjoy your time off and don’t let the weather dictate whether you can have a good time or not, fitting the right outdoor blinds will make a material difference to your outdoor life, encouraging you and your loved ones to get out the house more while still having the benefit of protection from the weather extremes.