Wood / PVC Blinds

One of my personal favourites – available in a range of natural colours as well as white. White will give your home a clean and airy Mediterranean feel. This colour is extremely versatile, suits most spaces and can make your living area seem much larger if required. All the stained darker colours can make a boring wall colour come to life and change the look of an entire room. Aesthetically one of the most pleasing blinds. This product gives off very clean lines and has an awesome play on light. You can filter the light accordingly with the slats facing either down or up. Light can be guided towards the ceiling or directed directly into your lounge or blocked out entirely when required. I have done a lot of entire homes in these Venetian blinds.

New bamboo Venetian blinds!

Bamboo Venetian blinds are eco friendly and extremely durable,due to the hardy nature of bamboo each blade is thinner and lighter than you bass wood Venetian blinds,this also helps as the stacking of the blades once pulled up is halved! they come in a range of colours and are the same price as bass wood Venetian blinds.

Brand new colour range!

Bass Wood Bold… this goes very well with the now very popular shabby chic interior trend!