Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds – PVC

PVC blinds are a great way to keep out driving rain and wind,they will keep your furniture and you dry from extremely rainy conditions.They come with a see-through PVC window so that you can still see out to prevent the feeling of being boxed in.The product I sell does not use Velcro to secure the blinds to the wall, instead an aluminum sleeve is used witch is more secure, Velcro tends to collect dirt witch intern prevents the blinds form sealing properly.Proper installation of this product is crucial as it is not always a straight forward process,I use only a very experienced PVC blind installer for this job!

Canvas Options
Bamboo Laguna Exterior Blinds

Laguna blinds are great for protecting your furniture from the sun. They also keep your patio very cool on hot days enabling you to enjoy your outside entertainment area with friends and family. This product also protects you on unpleasant windy days! You are still able to see through the blinds when they are down, so your view is not hidden!

Exterior Shearweave Blinds

Shearwaeve blinds, the fabric used for these blinds is imported from Australia, this product has become extremely popular and offers great protection from the wind and sun protecting your furniture from fading and allowing you to entertain in hot windy conditions keeping your entertainment area cool, on cold nights the blind will keep you a couple of degrees warmer, they will not stop all rain but will dissipate the rain, they create a lovely fresh look to your outside entertainment area, and are very translucent so your view will not be spoiled when they are let down.They have a fire retardant as well as an algae retardant.