Getting Creative With Panel Blinds

creative panel blinds

The origin of panel blinds might have been functional, but creative minds have transformed them into elegant and dramatic fashion statements. How can you get creative with panel blinds?

5 Stunning Roller Blind Styles for Your Home

roller blind styles for your home

Roller blinds are very much back in style and a more versatile yet simple window dressing is hard to beat. Stand alone, with pelmets, or in tandem with curtaining, roller blind styles complement your decor.

How to Create a Mood Board When Decorating Your Home

how to create a mood board for home decorating

Decorating or renovating your home can be a whole lot of fun, especially in the planning stages.  However, it can be easy to veer off course and end up with a bunch of disjointed ideas and mismatching decor items if you don’t have a common thread to tie it all together. That’s why the professionals love a mood board. If …

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Fit Blinds

We all love a good DIY job and taking a little time to make our homes beautiful. Often the added bonus is that we can save money by doing something ourselves. However, some have found to their detriment that the best course is hiring a professional to fit blinds. Having the right blinds can lend so much to the look …

Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Heat In?

Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Heat In?

With the weather cooling down and the chill creeping in, it’s time to start considering some thermal retention measures that don’t require expensive power to run. Outdoor blinds are both an aesthetic solution to your thermal challenges, as well as an aesthetically beneficial option as well.  How Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Heat In? Even if you do opt to use …

Tips on How to Choose the Right Blinds Colour

blinds colour

When there’s no definitive right or wrong answer it can be difficult to make a decision, don’t you agree? This is a common problem that paralyses home décor enthusiasts, especially when it comes to choosing the right blinds colour. We are told that home décor is best left to the professionals and us laypeople don’t know the science behind choosing …

Door Blinds: The Best Blinds for Glass Doors

door blinds

Choosing the right blinds for your glass doors requires a bit of consideration, and expert insight, from both a practical and aesthetic perspective. There are various options available, depending on the size and style of your door frames. Here’s a look at some of the best door blinds on the market.  What to Consider When Installing Door Blinds Before making …

Bathroom Blinds: Choosing Waterproof Blinds for Your Bathroom

waterproof bathroom blinds

Moisture in a bathroom is inevitable, so choosing waterproof bathroom blinds is generally a good idea to avoid mould build-up on your blinds while ensuring your privacy. Blind Features to Consider When choosing your bathroom blinds, some factors need to be weighed up in terms of functionality. Here are some of the features to consider in your selection.  Temperature  You …