What Blinds Are Best For Sliding Doors?

What Blinds Are Best For Sliding Doors?

We love the inside/outside feel of sliding doors. Today we’re exploring a few options to help you decide what blinds are best for sliding doors in your home.

Why Minimalists Choose PVC Blinds

Why Minimalists Choose PVC Blinds

Clean lines, a limited colour palette and very little clutter are hallmarks of minimalist home design. It’s for these very reasons that people aiming for the minimalist look choose PVC blinds.

When to Choose Roller Blinds in Your Home

When to Choose Roller Blinds in Your Home

For good reason, roller blinds are a designer favourite and the preferred choice in countries all over the world. Explore their versatility and enjoy installing them all over your home.

What Is The Best Fabric for Vertical Blinds?

What is the best fabric for vertical blinds

With so many choices, we have to ask what is the best fabric for vertical blinds? As opposed to the horizontal Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, with their sleek, lengthy, panels and endless decorative options have become a trendy window dressing choice. They have always worked well in offices but their increased versatility has given them a new décor status for …

5 Smart Reasons to High Pressure Clean Your Roof

Do you need to high pressure wash your roof?

Do you really need to high pressure clean your roof? Most people, if not everyone, enjoys having a clean and tidy home. One thing you may have forgotten to clean, however, is your roof. After all, it’s not exactly in your daily line of sight, right? But why would you want to wash your roof? Are there actual reasons why …

Caring for Your Outdoor Blinds

caring for outdoor blinds

Having an outdoor entertainment area is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Being able to sit outside and have a glass of wine in the evening, or have friends over for a weekend braai – what more can you ask for? Outdoor blinds. You can ask for outdoor blinds. Awnings or roofs are not always …

All You Need to Know About PVC Window Blinds

All you need to know about PVC window blinds

PVC window blinds are durable, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and stylish all at once. They are the ultimate window covering package and ensure total block out.