Blinds Maintenance

Blinds Cleaning and Maintenance

Deciding to invest in indoor or outdoor blinds adds a unique atmosphere to your home specific to you and your family. Cleaning and maintaining your blinds is an important aspect when it comes to your blinds longevity, as well as to keeping your blinds looking tip top. This may sound like a laborious task, but it doesn’t need to be. If you are able to clean your blinds regularly, the cleaning process will be as quick and as easy as possible, as well as assisting in the long term maintenance of your blinds. 

Let’s start by taking a look at cleaning and maintaining indoor blinds. The type of blind you have will determine the way in which it needs to be cleaned, here are some simple tips below:


  • Aluminium Blinds


These blinds only require a wipe down with a dry cloth. However, if there are stubborn marks, then you can dampen a microfibre cloth and gently wipe away stubborn marks. Open fully and allow to air dry. Try to avoid bending the slats on aluminum blinds, as this will help with long term maintenance.


  • Wooden Blinds


Wooden blinds can be treated like wooden furniture, and only require a gentle wipe down with a soft cloth to remove dust. If there are some stubborn spots, then you can dampen a microfibre cloth and gently wipe to remove dirt.


  • Vertical and Panel Blinds


Depending on the material that has been used to make your vertical blinds or panel blinds, an easy wipe clean or vacuum with a brush attachment is sufficient to keep these blinds clean and looking fresh.


  • Roller and Roman Blinds


A gentle wipe clean is the only requirement for keeping roller and roman blinds clean and looking tip top.

These are some simple, yet effective, ways to keep your indoor blinds clean, which will go a long way in maintaining your blinds and keeping their longevity. There are also various cleaning products and tools available that help make the cleaning process easier, however these products are not always necessary.

Now let’s have a look at cleaning and maintaining outdoor blinds. This can be a little bit trickier, but then again, a few simple measures can go a long way in maintaining your outdoor blinds:


  • Weather


Outdoor blinds are the perfect way to protect your outdoor area from the weather. However, if the wind is extreme, it may be a good idea to roll up your outdoor blind, to prevent them from tearing, and head indoors to safeguard yourself. Before you roll up your outdoor blind, ensure that your blind is dry, as rolling up a wet blind can affect the longevity of your blind. A good idea is to roll up your outdoor blind each night before going to bed, as you never know what kind of weather may roll in during the night.


  • Be aware


Check your outdoor blinds regularly for any marks or stains, such as charming pigeon poop that we are all super aware of.   Cleaning away marks quickly will prevent long term staining of your outdoor blind.


  • Material


Outdoor blinds are made from various materials, but generally either come in PVC or mesh, which allows air to flow through. Both types of blinds can be cleaned with cold soapy water and a soft cloth on a hot day, so that the blinds can dry well. Try to not use an abrasive material on PVC blinds, as this can scratch your blind and cause a bit of damage. Remember to lower your blind completely when drying, and allow to dry fully before rolling your blinds up. Keeping your blinds rolled down helps maintain the longevity of your outdoor blind.


  • Tie off and lubricate tracks


All outdoor blinds come with tie offs. Keeping blinds tied off correctly will keep the tie offs protected from the wind and prevent the strings from flapping in the wind.

Keeping the blinds tracks well lubricated with what your blinds supplier or installer recommends, will help maintain the mechanism that enables your blind to be rolled up or down with ease.

In Summary

Cleaning and maintaining your outdoor and indoor blinds doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. Regular cleaning will go a long way in keeping your blinds looking fresh as well as maintain their longevity, giving your home the atmosphere you are wanting to create.