Blinds vs Curtains: Why Blinds Take the Cake

blinds vs curtains

The Ancient Romans were the first people we know of to invent blinds. They placed damp cloth over their windows and doors to keep dust from blowing into their homes, creating the Roman Blinds.

We’ve come a long way since then, and modern blinds and curtains can both provide some great benefits. At the end of the day, however, we have to choose between blinds and curtains. Does it really make a difference though?

Absolutely! In this review of blinds vs curtains, you’ll learn the 5 reasons that blinds are the way to go!

The Blinds vs Curtains Debate

In the blinds vs shades debate, blinds score well on every metric. Whether you want to emphasize functionality, style, price, or safety, blinds are the best choice.

Blinds Can Be Used In More Ways

Imagine you want to let just a little bit of light into your room. Maybe it’s early in the morning and you want enough light to navigate your way around the whole room, but not enough to blind you or to wake up your partner.

You open your curtains a little and wince as a thin, solid stream of light beams in, lighting up one part of your room while leaving the rest dark.

On the other hand, you could just slightly open your blinds, allowing a cozy, warm light to gently illuminate the whole room. 

Not only are blinds more flexible in how open or closed you want them, but they are also stylistically more flexible.

Curtains always tend to make a room look a little stately. It doesn’t really fit with a modern, high-tech office or a relaxing beach getaway.

Bamboo blinds, on the other hand, can work perfectly on the beach, and some sleek-black blinds fit well with a modern glass-and-steel aesthetic. 

Blinds Are a Safer, More Fire Resistant Choice

Since curtains are made of cloth, they are inevitably going to be a fire hazard. In fact, if you wanted to set a room on fire, using the curtains would probably the number one easiest way to do it. Flames rise, and curtains give any flames in your room a ticket straight to the ceiling and the rest of the building.

Blinds Can Be Discreetly Put Away

At best, curtains will end up bunched up to the side of the windows. You can never really make them disappear.

On the other hand, blinds can be compressed into a space just an inch high and tucked away discreetly at the top of the window. Roller shades especially are easy to tuck away.

Affordable Blinds

Price is always a key item to consider when making your purchasing choices. Blinds tend to be significantly cheaper than curtains, allowing you to obtain safety, style, and flexibility of use, all at a more affordable price.

Blinds Are Much Easier To Clean

Curtains are made of cloth, making them very difficult to clean. You’re basically reduced to taking them down and hand-washing them or trying to fit them into a washing machine.

Blinds can be cleaned in just a few seconds, without removing them.

Get the Best For Your Home

We hope you learned something helpful about blinds vs curtains. To learn more about blinds and how to get the best ones for your home, contact us here.