Out With the Old, In With the New: The Top Signs You Need New Window Blinds

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You hear your cat hop into the window. You think nothing of it until you hear the sound of them struggling with your window blinds. You know your cat likes sunbathing and you forgot to put the blinds back down and now they’re bent.

There are less obvious reasons why you would need to replace your blinds than simply a devious pet. Sometimes it’s a matter of discolouration, or frayed cords, maybe you have a new baby on the way and you’re afraid your current blinds aren’t safe. Sometimes you’re not really sure what calls for having them completely redone. 

To help you figure it out, here are a few more reasons why you may need replacement window blinds.

1. Discoloration 

No matter how much you take care of your blinds they will eventually yellow over time due to exposure to the sun. While this is unattractive, yes, the yellowing is a huge sign that they are deteriorating. If you don’t replace them soon, then they will break. 

To help prevent this from happening, when you go shopping for new blinds try to find the blinds that have UV protection. 

2. Warping

When things get humid as they do in Durban, cheaper blinds tend to start bending. This makes it really hard to raise them and it just doesn’t look nice. Wooden Blinds tend to do this in the heat and humidity.

You can avoid this issue next time by purchasing a higher quality set of blinds. 

3. They’re Being Difficult 

Warping and bending can cause blinds to be really difficult to close, but they can also become increasingly difficult in this department as time goes on in general. This is because the lifting mechanism in the blinds just decides to stop working. 

This issue could cause them to fall which is a safety hazard and could damage your window if they fall with enough force. 

4. The Cords are Frayed 

Another thing that could cause your window blinds to fall and do some damage is a frayed cord that breaks. If you notice that your cord is looking a little worse for wear then you should switch them out. 

If you want to avoid this problem from happening and protect your children from danger at the same time, then you can look into getting cordless ones.  

Top Signs that You Need to Replace Your Window Blinds 

Whether your pet breaks your window blinds or not, you will have to replace them over time regardless. They tend to break, yellow, and warp with extended use and exposure to the elements. The cord may break and cause serious damage to your window and then you have a more expensive issue than just a few worn windows blinds.

Use these tips to help you spot these common window blinds issues as soon as they happen, so you can get a replacement before the damage is done. 

Have you spotted one of these many problems and are trying to find the best deal on new ones? Contact us to see what we can do for you.