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Outdoor living goes hand in hand with being a South African. With the beautiful weather we get to experience, it’s a hard push to try and keep the family indoors, and why would you? There’s so much fun to be had outside. A great way to enhance your outdoor living experience is to make sure your outdoor area is a comfortable place, protected by any weather extreme. Installing outdoor roller blinds will give your outdoor area effective protection from the sun, wind and rain. There are various types of outdoor blinds, ensuring you will find the right blind to suit your outdoor aesthetics.

PVC Outdoor Blinds

If you are wanting to use your outdoor area regularly without having to worry about what is happening with the weather, installing PVC outdoor blinds is a good way to go. There are several benefits to this outdoor roller blind that will enhance your outdoor area considerably.

  • Keeps out driving rain and wind
  • Has a translucent window enabling you to look out and not feel boxed in
  • Rolls up and down with ease
  • This products does not use Velcro to secure it to the wall, as Velcro collects dirt and eventually loses some of its strength. This product is secured to the wall using an aluminum sleeve which makes it more secure and seals properly.

PVC outdoor roller blinds need to be installed correctly to ensure you are getting the best protection for your outdoor area.

Bamboo Laguna Exterior Blinds

This type of outdoor roller blind also has many great benefits and will suit most outdoor areas

  • Protects your outdoor furniture from the sun
  • Keeps your outdoor area cool on hot days
  • Offers protection from the wind
  • You are still able to see through the blinds when they are down, so your view is not restricted

The Bamboo Laguna exterior blind is a wonderful option, offering protection as well as beautiful aesthetics.

Exterior Shearweave Blinds

The shearweave outdoor roller blind is fast becoming a popular choice with regards to outdoor blinds. These blinds are created from fabric that has been imported from Australia and offers a host of benefits which include

  • Protection from the sun and wind for your outdoor furniture
  • Keeps your outdoor area a few degrees warmer on cold nights
  • These blinds won’t stop the rain, but will dissipate the rain
  • Very translucent, so the blind won’t hamper your view when let down
  • Fire retardant as well as algae retardant

These outdoor roller blinds offer a lovely, fresh look to your outdoor area.

In Summary

When it comes to outdoor roller blinds, the benefits of installing these blinds are numerous and the choice of which one to install will all come down to your needs and personal preference. Viz Blinds will be able to offer you excellent advice as to what type of outdoor roller blind will work for your outdoor area as well as the aesthetics you are wanting to create.