The Beauty of Blinds in Your Home

Living Room With Blinds

What are the Functions of Blinds?

Window blinds add a new element to your interior composition. Blinds have a number of different functions, and therefore there are a few things that need to be considered before you decide on which type of blind to choose – including the degree of privacy required, the room’s furnishings, child safety, your budget, installation, maintenance and so on. Depending on the blind’s primary function, it is prudent to also consider its effectiveness to this end, and its appearance from the outside of your home.

Blinds serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose, and so the aim is to choose a blind that will serve both of these functions well. They are needed for a number of different reasons – they can stop your room from overheating, protect valuable furniture from fading in the sun, they provide privacy and keep a degree of sunlight out of your home office, thereby making it more comfortable to work on your computer or watch your TV during the day.

Different Materials

There is a wide range of different materials for your blinds.

  • Aluminium blinds – They are designed to be both attractive and durable, and can be expected to last for many years, with very little maintenance required. Dusting them every now and again is really all they need. Today’s aluminium blinds are widely available and come in every conceivable colour imaginable. They are also very versatile, giving them the ability to blend with almost any décor style and colour palette. This is great as you have lots of options to take into consideration.
  • Anti-glare blinds – This is perfect for rooms with computers and TVs, Anti-glare blinds are a form of roller blind that has a transparent film fitted to the roller, made from thin layers of polyester and possibly aluminium, which reject infrared rays to reduce glare. It also gives the blinds a heat-reflecting quality. These anti-glare properties can be found on other types of blinds too.
  • Wooden blinds – Wooden blinds have been used for effective window dressing for centuries. They offer extraordinary versatility in their aesthetic and functional values; they can be manufactured to fit almost any shape of window, they are durable and can vary the amount of light that penetrates the blinds – from complete blackout, to very bright; and lastly they are beautiful to look at.
  • Fabric – Fabric blinds are probably the least durable, but offer the widest range of possible styles and designs. They offer a person a chance to better colour coordinate all aspects of a given space. They are less costly than the other alternatives.

Different Styles

There are a variety of style choices for your home:

  • Roller blinds – Roller blinds are really cost effective blinds.They can be rolled up or down, depending on how much light a person desires. They come in a wide array of colours, materials including blinds made from bamboo, wood, grasses, vinyl, and fabric to name a few. Roller blinds are relatively easy to make and maintain.
  • Roman blinds – Roman blinds are made from woven fabric that is created in such a manner that it can be raised and lowered as desired. Roman blinds vary in price and style.
  • Venetian blinds – Its simple construction comprises of slats of horizontal and overlapping material, which are multi-directional and can be used in a number of fine fashions. Venetian blinds can be crafted out of wood, lightweight aluminium and PVC. Depending on the material used, the cost of Venetian blinds varies greatly, with wood being on the top-end of the market, and PVC on the lower end.
  • Vertical blinds – The trend of bringing the outdoors in and letting as much sunlight infuse into our living areas as possible, has led to an increase in a number of unusually large windows of various shapes. Vertical blinds are ideal for windows that are wider than they are tall, as well as for very tall windows and windows that need to be easily accessed. Vertical blinds can be made from fabric, plastic and aluminium, and can be fully automated so the amount of light allowed in is automatically adjusted.

Blinds Effortlessly Add Style

In summary, the options are insanely imaginative and perfect if you are needing an extra touch to add a little spice to your home decor. Make your house beautiful today.