The Difference Between Venetian And Vertical Blinds

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Venetian Blinds vs Vertical Blinds

Decorating your home is one of the greatest creative expressions many of us can share with our friends and family.  Whether you are a first time home owner, or you have decided to revamp your home, how you choose to decorate your home is an expression of your character and taste put on display.  As much as you focus on the correct placement of furniture and the photos and art that will go on the wall, much attention is also needed in choosing how best to dress your windows.  There are many options when it comes to blinds that will enhance your interior giving you the aesthetic appeal you are trying to create, as well as giving you the option to control as much light you want to filter through to your interior.  Venetian blinds and vertical blinds are both popular options depending on your needs and personal preference.

The Structure

Very basically, Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds, and are often named thus, vertical blinds are straight, top to bottom blinds.  Venetian blinds are moved up and down using a pulling mechanism; as the blinds go up, the slats will neatly stack one on top of the other.  Venetian blinds can be pivoted enabling the slats to move slightly, allowing you to control the amount of light filtering through without you having to open the blind completely, or they can be closed, offering you complete privacy.  Vertical blinds are drawn from left to right, also by using a pulling mechanism, and once again, the slats will stack neatly to the one side of the window.  Vertical blinds are also able to be pivoted, providing you with the control of allowing just as much light as you want to filter through.

The Strength

Venetian Blinds are generally stronger than vertical blinds, however this is dependent on the strength of the material the blind is made from, as well as how well the blind has been installed.  Oftentimes, a good quality vertical blind can be stronger than it’s venetian counterpart, if it is made from good materials and has been installed professionally.  Both types of blinds can be strong, it is all dependent though on your personal preference.  For example, wooden blinds are much stronger than plastic blinds, but you may not like wooden blinds, so an alternative to plastic would be the stronger aluminium blinds, however, personal preference, as well as the atmosphere you are trying to create, will come into consideration when choosing the best blinds for you.   

The Appearance

Most people feel that the most beautiful blinds are made from wood, as wooden blinds often create a warm, inviting atmosphere in ones home.  Saying this, however, there are many other high quality alternatives in plastic, metal and fabric.  Both venetian and vertical blinds come in an array of colours, ensuring you will find the perfect colour to compliment the decor and style of your home.  Your personal preference, as well as what door or window the blind will be installed to enhance, will determine whether you choose a venetian or vertical blind. At Viz Blinds, we specialise in making sure the customer is advised accordingly in our first consultation to empower them to make the right choice.

Practical Considerations

When choosing which blind is best for you, there are some practical considerations to think about before making your decision.  

Firstly, look at the window or door where you are wanting to install the blind.  Often, venetian blinds will be installed by a window, as this will allow you to lift the blinds up so that you can open the windows easily.  Venetian blinds will often be used on windows in smaller rooms as they can enhance the room and make it look bigger.  Vertical blinds are often used in front of a sliding door, or doors leading out to a verandah or patio.  Using vertical blinds by a door will enable you to open the blinds with ease, making the doorway easily accessible.  Another factor to take into consideration would be if you have small children.  Small children could easily pull on the vertical blinds, which may cause your child to be hurt, and the possibility of the blind being damaged or broken.  

Venetian blinds can be drawn up, keeping them away from small hands.  Regardless of which type of blind you choose to install, keep in mind the maintenance of the blinds, it is recommended to clean your blinds regularly as a repeated chore instead of leaving the cleaning of your blinds to once in a while.  Regular dusting will keep your blinds in a good condition as you don’t want dust and grime to build up, which could make the cleaning process far more tedious.


When decorating your home, choosing to use blinds will only enhance your space and help you create the aesthetic appeal and atmosphere you are wanting within your home.  Choosing a top quality blind, be it venetian or vertical, as well as ensuring your blind is installed professionally, is of high importance.  Viz Blinds can help you choose the correct blind to suit your needs, as well as offer you the best professionals to instal your blinds.  By contacting Viz Blinds you can be sure of quality customer service, as well as excellent professional advice.