What blinds are best for your patio?

Outdoor patio blinds

When it comes to choosing a window covering for your patio, then aesthetics and functionality will come into your decision. Modern blind fabrics and materials are stylish, durable, and come in a range of designs suited to patio installation. Take a look at some of the patio blinds trending right now. 

What are the different types of patio blinds?

1. Roller blinds

  • Fabric roller blinds: These are mounted above a sliding door and provide a semi-translucent effect which brings in sufficient light. These are also available in a block-out fabric which is perfect for bedroom patios. One of the considerations with this patio blind, however, is that you will have to roll it up completely to open and close the door. 
  • Bamboo roller blinds: This is great for a seaside home with a more rustic, earthy style. As with fabric roller blinds, these allow for a certain amount of light inside for ambience. Alternatively, they are available in the block-out version. 

2. Vertical blinds

  • Regular vertical blinds: These are a popular solution for the office-based patio as they are cost-effective and hard-wearing. These patio blinds come in a range of fabric types and colours, and can be adjusted depending on the interior light requirements.
  • Vertical cellular shades: A more modern patio blind solution, these are made from a honeycomb-shaped fabric. This design creates air pockets for insulation, cooling interiors in summer, and warming them in winter – saving on costs related to artificial temperature control. These are great if you want a view through the patio door which effective UV protection. A simple push of a button will open shades, either stacked to the side, split stack (middle out), or centre stack. 

3. Panel blinds

This form of patio blind has panels which range between 350mm and 1000mm wide, depending on individual preferences. The panels are stacked neatly behind each other when open, taking up minimal space. This creates a sleek, finished look and allows for effective light control. 

4. Sliding shutter panels

This is a high-end patio blind solution whereby the sliding door is covered using large panels consisting of louvres that can be adjusted to allow for light entry. These shutters are usually made from PVC, making them ideal for coastal areas and high-traffic patios, as they are easy to clean and won’t warp. 

5. Outdoor blinds

If you’re looking for patio blinds on the exterior of the patio, rather than as a sliding door cover, there are a range of exciting options. 

  • PVC blinds: These are transparent so don’t create a feeling of being closed off, but they also protect the patio from wind and rain. They can be secured using Velcro or an aluminium sleeve. 
  • Bamboo Laguna blinds: These will keep the patio cool while also protecting from the wind. They do not obstruct the view and keep patio furniture protected from UV rays. 
  • Exterior SheerWeave blinds: Using an Australian fabric, these patio blinds also provide significant protection from the elements while keeping the patio cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. Although they don’t prevent rain from entering, they will minimise the impact. 

Patio blinds are a really stylish option that extend the style of the home’s interior, while allowing users to enjoy the outdoor space, whatever the weather. It’s important to consult with industry experts on the best blind solution for your needs, as they vary significantly in durability, price and functionality.