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Roller blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are fast becoming a popular choice for window dressing. This is not surprising with the vast array of options with regards to colours, fabrics, styles and functionality that are now on offer. Gone are the days of the flimsy white roller blind that was only suited for bathrooms and kitchens. The choices are quite limitless when it comes to these blinds, adding wonderful aesthetics and complimenting the décor of any room.

When deciding to have roller blinds as your preferred window dressing, there are certain factors to consider, such as the room, the type of blind that would best suit your needs in any given room, as well as your own personal taste. Let’s delve deeper into what options are available, which may help you in making the decisions that will best suits your needs as well as your décor.

Types of Roller Blinds

  • Block out Roller Blinds

Block out roller blinds are a the perfect blind for keeping out the maximum amount of light, as well as offering the greatest provision of privacy. These blinds are made out of high quality fabrics and are very well designed. They are a great investment if you are wanting to decrease your monthly energy bills, as they act well in keeping the heat out during hot days, and work well for insulation during cold days. They are ideal for those who perhaps work late at night, or those who do shift work, and need to catch some sleep during the day, as these blinds are the best for keeping out the sunlight, or outside lights that may be on during the night.

  • Sunshade Roller Blinds

These blinds are also referred to as UV Protection Blinds and Sunscreen Blinds. Most sunshade blinds offer 90% protection from harmful UV rays. This will help reduce your energy saving costs as the air conditioner may not need to be switched on, except perhaps for those days that are real scorchers. The UV protection factor will also help to protect your furniture from fading, giving your furniture a greater longevity.

  • Outdoor Roller Blinds

The benefit of outdoor roller blinds cannot be emphasised enough. These blinds offer your outdoor furniture great protection from the weather extremities, as well as giving your entertainment area a warm, cozy, comfortable aesthetic. To find out more about outdoor roller blinds, check out the blog posts specifically detailing the benefits of outdoor blinds as well as the beauty of having outdoor roller blinds.

Rooms in which roller blinds work best

Roller blinds are versatile, and with the variety of fabrics, colours and styles they are now made in, you are able to use roller blinds in every area of your home. There are a few factors to consider though, as well as your own personal taste when deciding where to install a certain type of roller blind.

  • Bedrooms

Block out roller blinds work very well in bedrooms, especially for those out there who struggle to sleep with even the tiniest hint of light peeping through. If you need complete darkness in your room to be able to sleep, this is the best option for you. Block out roller blinds work incredibly well in the bedrooms of infants and toddlers, especially when you are attempting to get them to sleep in a bit longer than the crack of dawn, allowing you to catch a few extra moments of precious sleep. Block out roller blinds offer you a great amount of privacy as well as light protection, and are therefore ideal for bedrooms. Sunshade blinds also work well in bedrooms, and as stated before, it all depends on your personal taste and needs.

  • Living areas

Often people do not require as much privacy in their living areas, than what they do in their bedrooms, and often people enjoy having a greater amount of light filtering into their living areas. For these reasons, sunshade roller blinds often work well in living areas such as lounges and dining rooms. Sunshade roller blinds also work well in offices, as they allow a sufficient amount of light to filter through without the glare on computer screens. Sunshade roller blinds often offer a degree of transparency, allowing you to still be able to look out at your view while the blinds are lowered. However, if you would prefer a greater sense of privacy in your living areas, then block out roller blinds work well for you.

  • Wet areas – Kitchens and Bathrooms

Block out roller blinds, as well as sunshade roller blinds, work exceptionally well in kitchens and in bathrooms. Block out roller blinds may be more preferable in bathrooms due to the fact that they offer more privacy. Sunshade roller blinds work well in kitchens as they still allow light to filter through even when they are let down. However, when choosing to install roller blinds in your wet areas, please keep in mind to make sure that the fabric is water resistant, this will ensure that your blind lasts longer.

Maintenance of roller blinds

Roller blinds are rather simple to maintain and keep clean. Often all that is required is a gentle vacuum to remove dust. However if there are some stubborn marks that won’t be removed with the vacuum cleaner, a gentle dabbing with a damp cloth should generally do the trick. Try to avoid rubbing or scrubbing your roller blind as this may damage the coating and colors of your roller blind. If more extensive cleaning is required, then follow the guidelines your installer will give you when the blind is installed. If a part of your roller blind is damaged, try calling your supplier, as they will often have spare parts that will make repairing your roller blind much easier.

When decorating your home, roller blinds are a guaranteed win for adding beautiful aesthetics to any given room. Roller blinds create a greater sense of space in smaller homes, as well as creating a warm atmosphere in any home. With the vast array of colors, styles, fabrics and sizes that are now available in roller blinds, it is no wonder that they are one of the most popular choices for window dressing.