Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Heat In?

Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Heat In?

With the weather cooling down and the chill creeping in, it’s time to start considering some thermal retention measures that don’t require expensive power to run. Outdoor blinds are both an aesthetic solution to your thermal challenges, as well as an aesthetically beneficial option as well. 

How Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Heat In?

Even if you do opt to use heating, you’ll lose some of it through gaps in the doors, windows and roof – in fact, as much as 40 percent of heat will be lost through windows, according to the Australian Glass and Window Association. By installing outdoor blinds against the window or on your veranda, you’re able to prevent heat loss, reduce reliance on artificial heating and save on costs. On sunny days, you can even lift the blinds to allow heat into your home, dropping them before the sun sets to retain that heat. 

What Are the Types of Outdoor Blinds for Keeping Heat In?

Another great benefit of blinds is that there are different styles, colours, materials and designs so that you’re destined to find one that suits your home décor. Here’s a look at some of the best blinds for outdoor use and heat retention in winter. 

  1. PVC Blinds

If you’re looking to keep your veranda or patio area warmer on chilly winter evenings without obstructing your beautiful view, then PVC blinds are a great investment. These are ideal if you experience winter winds and rain, as this sturdy product will protect against harsh weather conditions while keeping your outdoor furniture clean and dry. Although these can come with Velcro to secure them to the wall, the more modern PVC blinds are installed using an aluminium sleeve which is much more hard-wearing, doesn’t collect dirt and is aesthetically advantageous. Another benefit of these heat-retaining blinds is that they will also protect you against the harmful SPF rays of the sun – which are still dangerous, even on cold winter days. 

  1. Outdoor Shade Blinds (or Zip Screens)

A really elegant solution to your warming needs are modern outdoor shade blinds that can be fitted to any external area. Unlike the PVC blinds, shade blinds won’t completely block out driving rain; however, they will dissipate rain for an element of exterior protection. Because of the translucent nature of the weave material used for these outdoor blinds, you have the benefit of a view, so you don’t feel boxed in, but you’re also protected from SPF rays on those sunny winter days. They will keep your patio – and by extension your home – warmer, with the added benefit of being both fire- and algae-retardant. You can opt to install a motorised version of the outdoor shade blinds for incredible ease of use.

  1. Bamboo Laguna Outdoor Blinds

Crafted from natural bamboo material, these patio and window blinds provide a much more rustic, laidback feel while also providing you with the necessary heat retention needed during the cooler months and evenings. The Laguna blinds also offer significant UV protection for yourself and your furniture, as well as providing adequate protection during those windy days. As with the weave material, the bamboo doesn’t completely block your view of the exterior. 

  1. External Venetian Blinds

For years, Venetian blinds have been a popular window covering that allows for scalable light filtration while also controlling the interior temperature. There has since been a new development in Venetian blind design with the introduction of the external option as well. These are considered one of the most effective window covers for both blocking UV rays while also retaining heat. They are made from incredibly durable material and have stainless-steel or aluminium rails to guide the slats for easy use. Once again, your view doesn’t ever have to be completely restricted, as you can angle and open the slats accordingly. 

  1. External Shutters

Another popular form of outdoor blinds is external shutters that provide a stylish aesthetic, required privacy and the necessary heat retention. They are an incredibly versatile design that can be installed on a patio area, as well as for external window coverings as a way to keep the heat indoors. These come in durable vinyl, composite or wood options with wide louvres, with the entire shutter able to be moved with the window or door opening where required. 

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Blinds?

In addition to the thermal benefits of the various outdoor blind options, there are so many other reasons why you should consider installing this functional yet stylish window covering solution. 

Space Saving

If you live in an apartment block or smaller home with a patio, using outdoor blinds is a great way to enhance the usable space through all-weather protection. 

Protection from the Elements

Depending on the type of outdoor blind you choose, you can enjoy your outdoor space no matter whether there’s sunshine, wind or rain. 

Furniture Protection

Your valuable outdoor furniture will be completely protected from damage, fading and wear-and-tear brought on by the elements. 

Energy Efficiency

With outdoor blinds, you’re able to enjoy the warmth of your patio space without the need for expensive outdoor heating devices. This means you’re saving on both energy costs and are being environmentally conscious. You can also enjoy the space when there’s load shedding!


If your outdoor area is quite visible to neighbours or passers-by, then outdoor blinds will provide you with some much-needed privacy. 

Protection from Bugs

Even in the cooler winter months, South Africans will have to contend with flies and mosquitos when enjoying the outdoors. Fortunately, with external blinds, you’re protected from these unwelcome guests. 

Dry Your Washing

If you have limited space for hanging clothes, or don’t want to use an energy-consuming tumble dryer, then outdoor blinds will provide your patio with the necessary protection from the elements so that you can effectively dry your laundry. 

To find out more about which outdoor blinds would be best suited to your heating needs, contact industry leaders, Viz Blinds today!